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Life is filled with many challenges and being a Christian does not immunize us from experiencing hardships such as job loss, the death of a loved one, or divorce.  However, Scripture has been a proven antidote for addressing life's experiences that cause stress and anxiety.  Jesus, the Living Word, came to us so that we would experience the abundant life spiritually, emotionally, and practically. John 10:10 KJV


Peculiar Treasures is here to partner with you to reclaim your life through Christian Counseling, to reach your goals through Christian Life Coaching, and to reduce your pastoral counseling load through Church Referrals.

"Start the Journey Now!"


Christian Counseling and Christian Life Coaching integrate clinical theory, knowledge, and practice with biblical principles and counseling skills for learning and living. Whether you are seeking to navigate the vicissitudes of life or to accomplish your personal goals, our trained professionals are ready to begin the journey with you.


Today, you can initiate the process of spiritual or emotional healing, or create the blueprint for living a more purposeful and productive life.


Schedule your first appointment and start the journey right now!

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