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Peculiar Treasures is aware that the demand placed on churches and ministries today is greater than it has ever been.  The pastor is expected to be a theologian, social worker, community advocate, substitute parent, and any other void left unfilled in the lives of church and community members.  This increased demand has led to clergy burnout, and caused churches and ministries to neglect their primary functions of preaching and teaching the Bible, discipling believers, and developing leaders.




Peculiar Treasures exists to serve alongside churches and ministries so that you can spend your time carrying out your core functions.  We will partner with you in the counseling process when your parishioners are not showing any progress after several sessions, or the severity of their problems are beyond your expertise.


We have trained professionals who are certified in Christian Counseling to deal with complex issues, including spiritual problems, depression, and marital conflicts.



**For additional information regarding our church partnership program, or to refer a parishioner, call 708-803-8091 or email us.**

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